Friday 4 October 2013

Learning By Doing

Man learns to spend his life well and intelligently by making accurate and qualitative decisions in his whole life, there is no doubt, everyone in this world has to take decisions; and it is a part of daily life, we are continuously learning throughout our life. Actually Learning is an art of acquiring knowledge or skill that lasts forever, means you will never forget once you have learned something, e.g. You have learned in childhood that how to walk and you absolutely you won't forget it till lifetime this is learning, On the other hand student memorizes something and which will last till his or her exam then after that examination they forget everything, Actually it is not the real application of learning because he or she forgets about what he had memorized. One can learn by means of three ways i.e.

           1. By means of studying such skill thoroughly.
           2. By means of practically doing.
           3. Through study and practical.

Among above three ways of learning the third way, Through study and practical is very productive and the best way of learning, because when you add your study in practical work then there will be less probability of error and more chances of win-win situation, And 1st one, By means of just studying, is the poor/ The less productive/Wrong way of learning, because you can't take any efficient and effective decision just by cramming some business concepts/theories.

Now it is easily understandable if we take a look of following examples...


If we hand over a car to three different Guys, Guy one: Who has just learn how to drive by simple studying or read from internet/book that how to drive car, and cram each and everything. Guy 2: Who has no knowledge about car and its part in detail, but he only knows practically that how to drive car. Guy 3: Has done complete study of driving and also learned it by doing it practically, now my question is that who will drive best?


There are three science students, Student 1: he has no interest in practical he just want to learn by simply memorizing things that if we mix one chemical with another chemical then what happen.
Student 2: Another science student just only like practical’s he is in MBBS and wants to perform practical work directly on human body without studying.
Student 3: He likes theory and practical.
Now Question is that who will be the successful in future and iam very much sure that your answer will be third student, He will become good doctor or scientist without causing harm to anybody.

What we discus above about learning by doing is in common or lay man language, if we bring this topic in front of economics student then he will tell us that it is a economics term and according to economic terminology, if you want to improve your capability then, you can improve your productivity by means of repeating the same type of action again and again, and finally you will become specialist in particular field or work. If we apply this definition to our normal life we find that it is right, because if a girl starts cooking then in start she may found herself not a good chef but by doing it repeatedly and applying some innovations, one day she will become a good cook.

"Azeen Shoaib"

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