Tuesday 8 October 2013

Silence Is Unnatural To Humans

Of course, silence is unnatural to humans. As a new born baby one begins to cry, as one grows physically and mentally, one’s margin of contribution towards noise manifolds with the pace of life. One does almost everything to add in the noisiness of world. One, for the pursuit of different exterior motives, continues to make noise; one keeps on increasing rumor and rock around oneself through one’s own chit chats and via involving into noisy activities like watching movies, listening songs, celebrating ceremonies, feast and festivities in one’s social gathering, whereby, one loses the sight of importance of being silent and natural in life. Human beings are such a great threat to overall peace whether it is mental or physical.

From dawn to dusk, Human being engages oneself into various humorous   activities and actions. One’s gossips seem to be unlimited and infinite. One hardly maintains hush in one’s routine. Human beings are so messy in their nature that in times, it becomes very hard to overcome that deterioration, resultantly, they suffer in latter and spirit.
One’s unpredictable behavior reflects this instinct of humans that they are surely social animal and will die out if kept in isolation and calmly conditions. One is such a huge giant within oneself that is unsatisfied forever.

If we recap one’s routine that one usually goes by. We will definitely come across many evidences that will ultimately justify our discourse upon one’s cloudy nature of mess and mischievousness. One listens various music, melodies, moods and voices that simply, on contrive basis, sooth his unrest. One thinks that listening to such thing will lower the extent of unease but unfortunately, one misperceives it. One seeks remedy for one’s woes and worries into these visible materialistic objects and considers that if a kind of luxury comes in one’s life than one will be able to lead towards peace and prosperity but one is astray from one’s actual purpose and path that is surely not revisited, rethought , reinvented by one for oneself. 

In the best scenario of silence, nevertheless, I would appraise the salient features of Silence. Hazrat Ali (Razi Allah unho) quoted that "Silence is ornament to “scholar” viz- a- viz veil to “ignorant” "Definitely, silence is uniformly shielded to both of them. It is said that person is known by the way he/she talks; the way he/she walks, the way he/she behaves, the way he/she manifests his/her speech in the social circle.

It is again scientifically proved  that those who are dumb and unable to speak due to inborn heredity are more sharp than common ones who are so loquacious, because of their(dumb) inability to speak, they use their energy of speech into thinking and listening more, they keep on observing the moves of others and keep on learning via listening and interpret everything in their minds, that means they use their mind much more in analyzing,  on the other hand,  a normal person wastes much of his/her energy in useless talks. Ultimately, one is less observing and analyzing in one’s environment.

Religiously speaking, Sufis go for this approach they speak precisely when needed, they remain cut from all these in vain talks, they try not to slip out their tongue, they do not burst out whatever comes in mind randomly. It is said that think before you talk, yes definitely, it is thinking that is the triggering point, I would support it with this saying that 
Thoughts Become Words,Words Become Your Actions, Actions Become Your Habits, Habits Become Your Character, and Character Becomes Your Destiny..

When a person  is silent he/she depicts a sober kind of look, when he/she is silent he/she looks like a professional and mature, when he/she is silent, he/she is influential, when he/she is silent, he/she reflects wisdom and impression. When a person cuts his/her extra gambits, he/she follow brevity, he/she is well easily being understandable and comprehendible by others then.

Here I would specifically talk about Islamic teachings whereby one can observe such required behavior. However, almost every religion has some attributes and rituals wherein following them; one can reach out calm and coolness such as Yoga. Furthermore, Islamic rituals such as Patience, Prayer, Fast, Sabr, etc guide a person to be a good human in the world. Islam stresses on lowering our voices and not unnecessarily going for hollow talks.

Sometime people get angry upon you and in response you too. They cry and yell on your little mistakes and misbehave. In such a worst case scenario, if you remain silent and listen their rough talks patiently ultimately that man will be empty-minded and will do no harm to you in physical terms. He/she will be compelled to stop chuckling and become regretful on his/her attitude towards you that will result in better and peace to you and your physique.

Given the above discourse of ours upon Silence and its overall behavioral impacts, we can conclude that silence is naturally opposite to human’s behavior, their routine is full of noise, it has both behavioral impacts over humans’ life course and if humans adopt this key characteristic than there would ultimately peace everywhere in the world and society will practice its ethical and moral standards very well. Religious teaching can play crucial role in this regard if preached and practiced in full spirit.

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