Friday 19 June 2020

How To Lock/Unlock Gree AC/Split Remote Control

Gree Air conditioner has brings you a special feature through which you can easily lock or unlock your remote control. Actually this feature is best for those who have children's at their home because  many times children's change the AC setting and the result will be low cooling and in many cases the result ishigh electricity Bill's. 
If you want to keep away from all these problems then you need to lock your gree AC / Split DC inverter before throwing it to your bed.

Let's learn how to lock and unlock gree Ac remote control.

In above picture you can see the latest gree Ac inverter series remote control, in which you have press " - button and +button" simultaneously.

This is how you have to press both button simultaneously without any time difference. 

Now let's unlock our remote, for unlocking we have do the same in which you have press " - button and +button" simultaneously.

So friends this is the simple procedure of how to lock and unlock your gree Ac/ Split remote control.