Saturday 2 February 2013

Rural Women In Pakistan

Rural Women In Pakistan

Women especially in rural areas of Pakistan are very skilled and they also have potential and strengths to achieve chore by their hard work and commitment. These women face several problems due to insufficient resources. They don’t have enough knowledge about hygiene and nutrition, therefore their children suffer from severe diseases and most of them die because their families don’t have enough resources and knowledge to cope up with this problem.

 They are exceptional at embroidery, stitching and traditional products which are quite popular all over the world. People in foreign countries are willing to pay premium prices for these cultural products. The skills of these craftsmen are not fully utilized and they don’t get a reasonable price for their products.

The main reason behind these problems are that they don’t have proper access to the market, they don’t have proper education and knowledge of child care and health along with this they also lack in making attractive color combination and this is the reason that their products cannot attract people at broad level towards their products, another problem is of affordability that they cannot afford to go to the metropolitan cities and do some professional courses.

As these women lack market knowledge, usually middlemen purchase their handmade products at very low prices, sell them at higher prices and make huge profits out of them. Because of this reason, even after working long hours their living standard remains poor. 

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