Monday 24 January 2022

Difference Between Credit Card And Debit Card

Debit Cards and Credit Cards two very different cards, which allow us the way of payment through different channels. Let’s learn the basic difference between both of them. Debit card and Credit Card are very useful and globally accepted, you can use both on them online as well as on internet, and from cash withdrawal to online purchasing you can use both of them. But what are things which create differentiation between both of them.


The most basic but important difference between Debit card and Credit Card is, In Debit card your payment method directly linked to your bank account so the money you spend comes right out of your own personal Bank account, Likewise Credit card is also a payment method like Debit card but instead of deducting your account for your purchases bank pays it temporarily and gives you credit line for some period of time.




  • ·         Account is debited on real-time basis
  • ·         Free From Interest.
  • ·        You Spend what you have, don’t let you cross the boundaries of Debt Ratio.
  • ·         Less annual Fees as compare to credit cards.
  • ·         Buy Product on Actual Prices
  • ·         Don’t Need to Remember the due date bill payments
  • ·         Prepaid
  • ·         Restrict you in line with you Budget




  • ·         Account is Not Debited on Real-Time Basis
  • ·         Post-paid, Buy Now Pay Latter.
  • ·         Zero Interest If Paid Within Due Date
  • ·         Useful for emergency, Specially in handy days
  • ·         Short Term Loan
  • ·         Allows you to pay in Instalments.
  • ·         High Reward Points as compare to debit card.
  • ·         Special Discounts


So these are the basic differences in Debit Card and Credit Card, one thing we need to keep in our mind that we need to keep ourselves in line with our budged and income, otherwise things will become worse. Always try to pay your credit card bills on time, at least pay our minimum payment in order to avoid from any bad credit history.

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