Saturday 2 February 2013

Dell and HP always remained two rivals

Whenever the name of personal computers is taken, Dell and HP always remained two rivals who compete to secure very top position in the list of quality and technologically sound devices. They not only provide qualitative products to their customers but in fact they produce such a wonderful experience for their consumers which always entice them to purchase their products again and again.

         If we put light on Dell’s performance in these days. Throughout its whole industry we don’t find any storming progress, the reasons are very simple. One reason is diverting focus of Dell from low margin high weight PCs to High margin low weight PCs. Dell feel that in these days people require more flexibility in their products so does the employees. Despite more resources being consumed on the PCs the return on the sales is very low.
           Decline in the profits is no longer the problem of only Dell but its competitor HP is also experiencing same trend these days. gone are the days when HP was known have innovators, but presently its market share in PCs have bitterly been ruined by the advent of new technologies in the consumer markets. This is not only the one reason in fact HP is experiencing uncertainty in its management. For whatsoever reasons its clear that HP had experienced the loss of billions of dollars in the first quarter of 2012.

        More or less the market share of both the rivals has bitterly been affected by introduction of innovative and qualitative products by APPLE and other cellular Companies. the major products that have snatched a big deal of profit from Dell and HP are Smartphone and Iphone, and the advent of Tablet PCs and IPod have also impacted a lot to the revenue generation of both companies. if we take the products of APPLE under the accountability of quality and consumer perception then we reach a very surprising conclusion that APPLE provide every service that a PC contain along with it, it offers some additional features like cameras , and touch screen system which we don’t find in the offerings of Dell and HP. this why the inclination of customers have more been towards the new modernized products of APPLE and other cellular companies who offer cheaper and better products than those of Dell and HP.

         If we have a look over Pakistani Market, then we really find the same scenario as of European countries. Due to globalization and exchange of cultures between western countries and Asian countries. People living Pakistan also wish to follow the western living style if we compare both the regions in terms of technical product usage. Few years back Pakistan was one of the major consumer markets for HP and DELL but a very sharp decline is being observed in the local markets too, just because of the reason that they did not meet the changing customer preferences. Hence similar to European countries Pakistanis are also inclined towards the flexible and innovative products, which ultimately cause HP and Dell to sacrifice their profit margins to give other companies room for residing in the Pakistan for long time.

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