Saturday 29 September 2012


A Learner of English Should:

1.  Learn basics of English first
2.  Read some composition everyday
3.  Enrich his/her vocabulary
4.  Write something everyday
5.  Improve four skills of English
6.  Teach English to other keen learners. Through teaching one can improve one’s English.
7.  Discuss English language with other learners
8.  Develop confidence and skill of speaking English
9.  Continue writing until his/her English becomes impeccable
10.  Develop imaginative faculty and write some verses whenever he/she feels like
11.  Learn some words, their synonyms and antonyms everyday
12.  Learn some formal phrases and idioms everyday and use them in his/her sentences
13.  Listen to the news broadcast in English over radio and television
14.  Read an English daily everyday
15.  Write on social, economic, political and religious topics and send them to the English newspapers for publication
16.  Look up meanings of difficult words in dictionary
17.  Learn synonyms, antonyms, paronyms and words liable to be confused
18.  Learn as many one-word substitutions as possible through extensive readings
19.  Speak only English while at school or college.
20.  Neither feel shy of speaking English nor fight shy of strangers instead speak English without hesitation.

Prof. Ghulam Hussain Manganhar

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