Sunday 14 October 2012

How to make our presentations more effective

Few days before one of my friends asked me that "how can we overcome our lake of confidence", as that day he was called to deliver a presentation on the topic ?????? .So when he came to present his ideas,He said that "my legs started shivering and i forgot all of my ideas in an instant".

He was felling very nervous that day, so i told him to come with me to the cafe and i will help him to overcome his this problem. At cafe he told me his whole problem in detail, so i told him that the most important thing to deliver a wonderful persentation is to practise it several times before presentating it infront of audience , also their is an other factor which is Luck. But by combing all our efforts , our practise  along with our Luck we maximum reach at 95% of the whole prepration. So where are we lacking in those remaining 5% .

So the answer is that those 5% is in the hand of ALLAH PAK. Some times it happen that those 5% become heavier than the remaining 95%, so in that case we have to accept our destiny, but most of the time it happen that we get the reward of our efforts.

So i told him that not to nervous and remeber one thing that always begin your presentation with these glorious lines of "QURAN PAK" (Which are attached in the mail).The lines will help to increse your knowledge as well as your confedence level, as the result you will be able to share your infinite amount of priceless ideas and thoughts with others.    
Few days later .............!

I meat him today and asked him about his studies(specially about his presentation skills), he replayed very glady that his studies are going very well further more he said that his presentations skills are growing exponentially, i also observed a very big change in his communication style.

So this was all about that how to make our presentations more effective

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