Saturday 29 September 2012


1.  Teaching English through mother tongue and national language
2.  Teaching English through translation method
3.  Poor grammar
4.  Poor vocabulary
5.  Reluctance in speaking English 
6.  Superficial or nominal reading
7.  Unavailability of standard English books at libraries
8.  Absence of directed writing 
9.  No aptitude for creative writing
10.  Nominal aptitude for listening to English news and talk shows
11.  Casual use of dictionary
12.  Nominal use of thesaurus
13.  Absence of English forums
14.  Nominal aptitude for learning English
15.  Nominal aptitude for improving English
16.  Number of English-knowing people is small.
17.  Quality of English imparted is negligible.
18.  Teachers of English don’t undertake extensive readings.
19.  Absence of literary societies
20.  Lack of interaction between the teachers and the taught
21.  Students read books or easy notes for the sake of exam in which most of the students cheat.
22.  Absence of functional use of English
23.  Lack of aptitude for learning and improving English
24.  Poor standard of teaching at schools and colleges run by the government

Prof. Ghulam Hussain Manganhar