Tuesday 1 September 2020

Successful Topics For Start Blogging

People always love the things which create solutions for them, same thing comes in blogging, there are so many young blogger who always try to find that on which topic they need to work on and start writing. So today we will talk about on what things we need start blogging and some successful topics for blogging.

First thing first as i already discussed that people always love the things which create solutions and the same rule applies when you are blogging, lets assume that you have bought new Air Conditioner and that air conditioner is showing some error on the display, So what will you do? Definitely you will search on internet and start googling about the particular error, and if you find some relevant solution from any site/Blog you will follow that blog or site.

Last year i was doing survey from the group of 100 peoples in my locality that what is the most common words they use in google search, and believe me 70% of people respond that they search with "How To?" So from this thing we can get to idea that people on internet always search for the solutions.

So if you know about any solution of particular problem, Start blogging on this and create the content which gives solutions to community as a whole. Believe me you don't need any professional skills for writing any good articl, if your content is useful, To the point and easy to understand it is sufficient.

Now lets talk about most successful topics for blogging, actually the answer of this question is quite difficult because topics are changing year to year, for example in 2020 every one was in search regarding symptoms and cure of Corona Virus which is Covid19,  But in 2019 no body was intrested in this topic even no one was aware about this virus. Although there are some topic which are continuesly in a good rank of google search engine, Lets discuss which topics are these.

These are most Successful topics for blogging. 

1. Makeup
2. Fashion and lifestyle 
3. Travel
4. Gaming 
5. Photography
6. Unbloxing and Review of Product
7. Health and Fitness
8. Cooking 
9. Problem and Solution (How To?)
10. Digital Marketing

These topics are good for young and beginners bloggers who are thinking to start blogging properly. However you may start your blog with any other topic which is not mentioned above, because blogging is all about knowledge sharing. If you know about anything which create value, just blog it.