Friday 1 September 2017

Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information From Server

Are you keep getting the notification of "Error Retrieving Information From Server" in Google Play Store? Want to Fix the error? By following below simple steps you can Fix the error of your Google Play Store. Solution is personally Checked by me on Qmobile, Samsung and Oppo, It is working.

Error Retrieving information from server [DF-CHARTA-01]

Step 1. Go to you System Setting Option

Step 2. Go to Your Apps Option

Step 3. Select Google Play Store

Step 4 Clear Data of you Google Play Store and then Click on Force Stop

Step 5 Reboot Your Mobile

If you know any other way to resolve the issue then please share it with us, Please provide Feedback regarding the solution, Whether it works on your Cell Phone or not.


  1. Same thing happens to me. I have removed my gmail account and make new one. And login with my new gmail account

  2. Guys just remove your school managed account from your phone , because through your school managed account you can not login Google play store

  3. Thank u, ur method is working