Wednesday 23 October 2013

What Is Migration And Why Do People Migrate?

Migration, in simple words we can say that migration is a process of moving from one place to a new place or another place, likewise the international migration means moving from one country to another country, for example, moving from Pakistan to India, or moving from Pakistan to China. Here the question then arises, that why does migration happens/ why does migration occur, mean why do people migrate or prefer to move from one country to other country, and we know that this is a very big deal to leave own country. As per my understanding migration takes place due to many reasons but the main reasons can be the Physical needs, Seeking jobs, To get good education, Etc. There are lots of people who leave their assets, home, friends, and many other things in order to get higher education from the top universities of developed countries to make their future bright, and now a day’s education is the top most reason of international migration, because everybody wants to live tension free life and that tension free life is only possible when you have a good job. And we know there is a very tough competition in market.

There are two major factors or we can say reasons of Migration/International Migration.

1. Push Factors. 
2. Pull Factors. 

These are the factors that compel different people to migrate from one country to another country.

Push factors force or we can say compel the person to move or migrate from one place to another (One country to other country) like in civil wars, political and religious oppressions, climate changes, low incomes, lack of facilities, poverty, lack of jobs or any kind of natural disaster. 

Pull factors are completely opposite of push factor, Pull factor encourage people to move from Less Developed Countries (LDC) or Developing countries to the developed one for avail the facilities like opportunity of better job, higher education, better standard of living, high incomes etc.

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