Saturday 12 October 2013

Violence and Discrimination against Women

Being two parallel wheels of the vehicle of social life, man and women assume an integral position in the overall progress and development of social life. Both interdepend each other and perform respective roles in order to keep this vehicle furthering in the course of life. Both are entitled to be treated equally in all occupations. Any type of disparity and discrimination will disturb the smooth running of this vehicle. And one’s undue influence and impact will violet and harm second’s personal and private domain, in result, forces of retaliation and reaction will become active. Consequently, it can deteriorate the circumstances and situations of peace and prosperity.

In contemporary times, we have achieved milestone success in the field of science and technology on the one hand, on the other hand, still we see in many regions of the world, especially where there is illiteracy and lack of education i-e Asian and African, widespread violence persists against the weak and wicked class of the women. Women are victimized in physical, psychological, social, and economic terms. Physically, male intimates, on little skirmishes in house, beat them. Their voice is suppressed and repeatedlythey become prey of punishment at the hand of father and husband. Physical harassment results in psychological trauma and torture to women and feelings of fear and frustration hover over their mentality and they dare not to say even a single word against any type of injustice that is done to them in different conditions and at different places in the social circle. Socially, women, both in urban and rural areas, are envisaged …..

Among the major discriminatory lines, discrimination based on gender is commonly witnessed in society. In family phenomenon, male child is often more favored by parents and elderly. Male child is put at high esteem and entertained appropriately by parents and all the demands of male child are fulfilled at any cost whereas female child is less favored in many regards. In organizations, it has been hot and humid issue for different discussion and debates carried on upon business related issues. In organization, where majority of the top-level managers are male ones and hardly any female assumes an executive position. Furthermore, in politics too, ratio of female ministers and activists is substantially low. Even in universities, we see meagre number of girls against boys. In job descriptions, often various departments and companies offer jobs to male aspirants proportionately higher the female aspirants. Hence, it justifies that claim that there exists discrimination against women in society in all occupations.

In the light of above discourse, it can be concluded that women in general are discriminated and victimized. And they are in different gulfs of suppression and oppression in society, their due rights and regards are overlapped and they are deemed with meanness in social circle. It is the need of the hour that they must be granted with their due status in all perspectives and treated with justice and equality. Otherwise, vehicle of life will tremble in lurch and smoothing would not be possible in any way.

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