Friday 1 March 2013

The Importance of Electricity

The Comforts of modern living standards cannot be thought of without electricity, today we have practically become a completely slave to electricity, and we can see that now a day’s life has become more fast everyone seems in hurry and wants to do his work done in just seconds that’s why today’s man rely more upon different machines I.e., We lit our homes with electric lamps, work under electric fans, can live without air-conditioned houses, use electric washing machines, watch TV. All of the above things worked with electric power, so we can say that we are now completely depended on electricity. Actually electricity serves us for 24/7 in our home as well as outside the home,

But in Pakistan the situation is entirely diverse from other countries, we are suffering severe short falls or load shedding problems, electricity crisis is one of the major crisis of Pakistan, because the development of industry in the modern age is entirely a miracle of electricity, in any kind of factory electricity is very important, we can say that without electricity development of Pakistan is impossible, if this situation continues there will a big chances that all the industries will be shifted to other countries.

Apart from Industrial Sector, modern health sector(Medical Sector) is completely based on technology and that technology is only be used with the help of electricity like we can take the example of X-rays and electrotherapy would have been impossible without the help of electricity, diagnosis and operations of complicated diseases are done only with the help of electric power. The use of electricity is not only in industrial and medical sector but each and every sector needs electricity for their development.

In Short we can say there are numerous advantages of electricity; each and every sector needs electricity to work, or for the development of their sector. So it is request to our leaders to make this issue/problem solve as soon as possible otherwise the result of this problem would be very harmful for our beloved country.
Solve Electricity Problem And Save Pakistan.


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