Saturday 2 March 2013

Life Of A Farmer In Pakistan

Farmer is the backbone of the nation, and as we know Pakistan is an agricultural country, so that’s why we say that farmer is the backbone of Pakistan. Most of the farmers of our country are not much educated and technically sound so they can improve their living standard from their lands, People are unable to even switch or quit farming because they don’t have other alternates. 50% of our population is directly relay on agriculture but due to less education and skills they are earning nothing, they are hand to mouth people. They need proper guidance and support so they will be out from this vicious circle of hand to mouth.

That was all about the issues of farmers in Pakistan, but if we look over the life of a farmer in Pakistan, Pakistani farmer has not changed even in the Atomic age, even their dress; style of houses, language, and each and every thing remains the same. If we look over the farmers of western countries they do all of their works with the help of machines, but our farmers do all the works manually, means he does ploughing, sowing, watering and reaping with his own hands and that is the only reason of their low productivity, they have power and potential to do work but they don’t have new equipments that are really required in farming.

Our famers has a low level of understanding and intelligence than the clever townsman, in simple we can say he don’t know the art of communication. He eats very simple food, live in a simple house and wear very simple dress, he spends his whole life in simplicity, although he know he is the backbone of Pakistan, and without him the people of city would die from starvation.

Summer makes farmers work harder, and we can say summer is the true test of a farmer’s worth. There is no any holiday in the life of famer. He has to work from sunrise to sunset without any rest.

Apart from this busy life, the farmer enjoys a good health and a sound sleep at night time, he lives his life very happy and very cheerful.

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