Sunday 10 February 2013

Three Secrets To Live A Happy Life

There are lots of ways to live a Happy life, but according to me there are three main secrets to live a happy life, and these three secrets can change your whole life and bring lots of happiness in your life.

The First Secret to live a happy life is ALWAYS SPEAKS THE TRUTH, according to me it is better to talk against a person to his face rather than to lie to him or to misguide or we can say in simple words mislead him in any way,
"Our Holy Prophet once said that if everyone started speaking the truth most of our personal and social problems would be solved".

The Second Secret to live a happy life is DON'T CHEAT, Cheating others is an evil practice that really spreads fast. In simple words we can say cheating is the two way street, like a person is cheated by someone, he may begin cheating others.

The Third and last secret to live a Happy life is to DON'T SHOW OFF, There are lots of people who show off their wealth, position and power (PPW), Actually to show off is weakness of most people’s because they desire to look rich and powerful among others. Thus, we find quite a few people spending on marriages beyond their income and getting into debts. And in the result these kinds of people will have to face many kind of Problems.

Apart from wealth there are lots of people who always desire to look important to others, actually they wants to show off their Power and Position, like we can take the example of our government servants who always try to impose their position and power on the public. And these kinds of people are being hated by public.


  1. One of the best key to happiness is a very bad memory :)
    nice post admin :)

  2. nyc post admin g..:)