Tuesday 12 February 2013

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertisements

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Advertisements

Advertisement plays a very crucial part in modern business. That is why it is becoming more and more technical and scientific every day. Advertise actually comes from the Latin word which is Advertese, and the meaning of advertese is ‘to be notice’, In advertisement we bring new and new ideas to make people convince to buy our product or to more notice our product. If the person who creates advertisement is more experienced then he can easily create the advertisement that can hit the touch point of the target customers, Job seekers, employers, contractors and workmen everybody advertise according to their need and wants, Even Small manufacturer spends thousands of rupees on Simple advertisement for their single and simple product, We can do advertisement by means of magazines, newspapers, online, media, but it all depends on the product and the target customers, If our targets customers spends more time on internet then online advertisement will be best for us in that case, so in simple words we can say means/channels of advertisements depends on the product, Advertisement can saves our lots of money and time that is spent on sending sale agents to various places, So in simple words we can say it is the most logical, Powerful, Attractive, and economical way to capture the market.

Advertising is the one the best way to increases the sales of any product, because in advertising you make people aware about you product, and as we know that if you make people aware about your product then their interest for your product will ultimately increase, If we talks about in the prospect of consumers advertisement helps a lot consumers, because through advertisement they gets the knowledge about the product, and ultimately helps consumers to make the right selection according to their needs and wants.
There are many ways of advertisement like we can do advertisement by means of Newspapers, Magazines, Show cards, Price lists, films, loudspeakers, hand bills, Crosswords, Posters, Display boards and lots of others, but all it depends on the product and customers that which way of advertisement really suitable for our product and target customers.

As there are lots of Benefits of advertisement, there are also some drawbacks or we can say disadvantages of advertisement, but one of the biggest disadvantages is cheating, some dishonest business men’s always cheat simple kind of peoples through their cheap advertisement. Sometimes in advertisement some companies convinces people to buy their worthless product, this sort of advertisements are very harmful. Therefore these kinds of advertisements should be banned and it is also the duty if government as well as common people to check  such advertisements and punish the offenders

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