Wednesday 30 January 2013

Three Important Things For Good Health

Good health is a blessing, or we can say it a very precious gift, for living a life we need Good health, and we can say that a sick person cannot have a meaningful life. A healthy person has a lot of stamina, so he can do hard work. and he can achieve by his hardwork whatever he likes.

Food,Rest and Excercise are very important as well as good for health, Good health depends on proper food and daily exercise. like walking is a kind of light excercise and morning is the best time for walking. in morning walking there are soo many other benifits like fresh air. morning walk makes our body fresh and relax. thats why we say excercise is very important as well as good for health.

Rest or we can say sleep is also very important for our brain, for infants 14hour to 15hours sleep are recommended, for adult 7-9hours sleep are recommended. If we do not sleep at night time then we can not be able to work at day time, that means proper rest/sleep is a way to increase the productivity.

Healthy food or we can say healthy diet is a way to maintain health, and it is also a way to live a healthy life
healthy food makes our body internally as well as externally strong.

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