Sunday 27 January 2013

How Reinforcement Is Used To Increase Performance

Reinforcement is one of the best managerial tool to get work done from employee. there are two kinds of Reinforcement, Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement, both Positive and negative reinforcement is used to motivate employee and get work done from them.

In Positive Reinforcement manager gives rewards to employee, in other words we can say that manager gives appreciation to employee to increase the productivity of employee or to get work done faster from employee. Take an example, for instance think that you are working in organization and your boss is always talking with you in a postive way, So these Positive and Good words will motivate you and in simple words we can say that positive reinforcement is like a motivator, other example of postive reinforcement is If you are a student and your teacher wants to continue your class participation so he will give you appriciation again and again to continue you C.P. But there are many exceptions in Positive Reinforcement, Like High Reward Does Not Always Lead To High Performance.
But sometimes managers have to use the tool of Negative Reinforcement, in order to stop the undesirable behavior of employee, or we can say to stop the negative behavior behabiour.Ultimately to get the Desirable behavior from employee, and to Increase the Performance, For example, If you are doing job in any organization and you are not following the rules of timing, so this will be your undesirable behavior.

So we can say that Reinforcement is the way to increase perforcemnce.

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