Monday 8 November 2021

How To Clean a Fish Tank?

Cleaning a fish tank is very much important for your fish health, and you can clean your Fish Tank at your Home Easily, It takes Up to 2 hours to Clean it depends on the size of your tank. there is no any rule of thumb to clean fish aquarium. So if you are Beginner and wants to clean your  fish tank this is the right place to learn.

When I bought my 1st Fish aquarium, I remember that in one month my fish tank became dirty, i call the shopkeeper from where i bought it, he said Clean your Fish Tank, well i searched on internet regarding how to clean fish tank and believe me i found more than thousand articles and videos regarding this, some professionals were saying empty your fish tank by 60% and clean it without removing fish from tank, and some professionals were recommending for completed detailed cleaning of Fish Tank, So i select the option of detailed cleaning of fish tank.

Now the big question for me is that how to remove fishes from tank and where to put fish when cleaning the tank. I went to market and buy a Fish Net and small size Bucket and Shift the fishes from Tank to Bucket using Fish Net. It was easy but be careful because when you bring fishes out from tank they may jump into the floor so be careful.

Fish Net Used For Removing/Shifting Fishes From Tank/Aquarium 

Medium Size Plastic Bucket Used For Temporarily 

Now the Main process starts from here....

Wear Hand Gloves:-

Your safety is first, before starting the cleaning process you need to wear Hand Gloves in order keep your self away from germs and bacteria because your fish tank is full of bacteria when it become dirty specially .

Remove/Unplug All Electrical Wires:-

The Most Remove all the Electricals Wires that are connected with Heater, Light, Filter, Air pump Etc.

Remove All Accessories From Tank:-

Now its time to remove all the accessories one by one carefully i.e Heater, Tube light, Filter, Air Pump, Plants, Artificial Plants, Artificial Fishes, Aquarium big rocks, remove all objects that are inside of your aquarium and place it on one side.

Remove Water From Fish Tank:-

Be careful while draining/removing water from Fish tank, there are multiple ways to remove water, but my suggestion is if you tank is not too much big, use small buckets to remove water, and if your tank size if big then use drain pipe for removing water. whatever method you use, but don't waste the tank water, use dirty water for your plants because this water may play the role of fertilizer.

Remove and Clean Stone/Rocks

Now Remove all the Stones/Rocks From Bottom of the fish tank, and put stone/rocks in separate bucket, And Start Cleaning the Stone/Rocks With Hot/Warm Water. Do not use any Chemical for cleaning the Stone/Rocks. Always try to clean Stone/Rocks with Clean Hot Water.

Clean Empty Fish Tank With Hot Water:-

Now Clean the Empty Fish Tank With Hot Water, and use scrub pad while cleaning the Tank. and make sure to clean it properly.
Cleaning Fish Tank With Scrub Pad 

Clean All The Accessories of Fish Tank:-

Cleaning the Accessories of fish tank is also very important part, So From Filter to Artificial Plant you need to clean it with the help of Hot water. Make sure to clean the Filter properly.

Clean All The Accessories of Fish Tank

Put Stone/Rocks, Accessories back to Fish Tank:-

Now its time to Install back all the stone/rocks along with accessories i,e Heater, Tube light, Filter, Air Pump, Plants, Artificial Plants, Artificial Fishes, Aquarium big rocks.

Now Our Fish Tank/Aquarium is Cleaned

Put Stone/Rocks, Accessories back to Fish Tank

Fill the Clean Tank With Clean Water:-

Now Fill the tank with clean water. Make sure your water is clean, my suggestion is to fill the tank with drinking water, Be careful regarding the temperature of water, Normal temperature water is good for you fish.

Put the Fishes Back:-

Here you go, your Fish Tank is clean now and it is good for your fishes, now it is time to put back all the fishes from bucket to tank, with the help of Fish Net. And start the filter and Air pump for keep the water clean and oxygenated/Enriched with Oxygen.  

Process Of Cleaning Fish Tank/Aquarium Complete, Your Beautiful Fish Aquarium is ready for your beautiful and healthy Fishes

This is the process of detailed cleaning process of Fish tank/Aquarium. which must be done after 3-4 month. apart from this make habit of cleaning the filter twice in a month in this way your fishes will remain happy and healthy.