Sunday 24 November 2019

How To Create Strong Password

How to create strong password? Sounds like a big milestone, Well a good or strong password protects your data from being hacked. there was a time when people use to set password with their wife or girlfriend name but now with the help of  hacking software's one can easily break such sort of passwords in just few seconds.

Now the problem is that how we can create a password which is not easily breakable, I conduct a survey and found people answer less regarding this issue.

Actually you can set or create strong password which is not easily breakable and for that you have to apply below mentioned formula in your password.

How To Create Strong Password

So below you can see the formula of creating strong password, in which you have to start your password with your starting three characters of name, then last three digits of your mobile number, then last three digits of your date of birth, then starting three special characters and in last your frequent social media starting three characters. So in this way your password will become strong and no one can easily break this password.

The best thing about this formula is you can easily memorize your password and no one can break easily.

If you know some other better way to create Strong Password, Then Please share with us in Comment

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  1. Nice trick.. in this way we can also easily remember our password