Tuesday 2 October 2018

Why Political Stability Is So Much Important?

Political stability refers to the political system, which bases its foundation on some predefined set of rules & regulations that govern the political activities of a country, carried out by the governing body, in a specific period, for the general good of masses, it represents. This political system varies from country to country and depends upon the form or type of government that is practicedin that country and the set of rules and regulations also differs, given that mutual consensus of the masses of the country and concerned parties that form political stature of country and that governs the country.

Political stability is extremely important for the overall progress and development of a country. Because all the affairs such as economic, social, cultural etc ,are interconnected with politics of the day. If there exists political instability in any country, it will affect other dimensions as well and it will also hamper and hinder the economic, social, technological and developmental vistas of progress. Political instability also gives rise to different issues and evils i-e security, social and economic. 

On the one hand, countries such as US, UK, Australia, China and other developed ones have stable political system and that is the reason they are so advanced in science and technology and currently, these nations dominate the world because they have realized mass scale development in major fronts i-e military, IT, Education, Health, infrastructure, and these nations have provided common people with all the facilities which are inevitable for life. There in these countries, one will find better living standard and people over there are well educated and literate, people know their duties, rights, and they abide by the incumbent law and enforcement principles.

On the other hand, third world or under developing countries face severe crises in terms of their political system and do not experience stable political mechanism that results in trouble and turmoil in state affairs and they remain engulfed in various issues and problems that block their way to progress and prosperity. These countries are far behind and still struggle to come out of the fuss and fuzzy that exists over there. They fail to provide sufficient means to the masses and standards of life is also too belowcriterion. People hardly avail the required resources that are part and parcel for their survival. 

From the above discourse and evidence, it can be concluded that political stability is the need of the hour, and there is no way out without it. Consistency and credibility is very much important. Countries which suffer from instability must revisit, redesign and rephrase the prospect of their respective government systems. And try make sure that all the concerns of different schools of thought be addressed in an appropriate way. In this way, favorable results can be achieved. 

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