Monday 5 August 2013

National Savings Prize Bonds

Pakistan National savings Prize bonds are the very good and one of the best source through which we can earn handsome amount of money, National Savings Prize bonds are very safe and secure, with Low Investment and Very High Return, means you don't need to worry about your principal amount of Prize Bond, sounds like intresting and attractive, but the main question is from where to buy these safe and secure national savings prize bonds, so don't be confused, you can buy these prize bonds easily from any National Savings Center Branch.

Pakistan National Savings Prize Bonds 
Currently National Savings Offers only 8 denomination Prize Bonds or we can say value of prize bonds these includes ( 100rs, 200rs, 750rs, 1500rs, 7500rs, 15000rs, 25000rs, and the bigger one 40000rs ), each prize bond has divided into three prizes, like ( 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize). National Savings conducts the draw of these above prize bonds two times a month in various different cities of Pakistan, like Sukkur, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Faislabad, etc.  below you can get the complete list or Schedule of Draw Dates Of National Savings Prize Bonds Pakistan, and also 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winning Prizes Of that bonds.

Prize Bond In Rupees
1st Draw   Date
2nd  Draw Date
3rd Draw Date
4th Draw Date
1st Prize In Rupees
2nd Prize In Rupees
3rd Prize In Rupees
Rs 100/-
 15th February
15th May
15th August
15th November
Rs 200/-
15th March
15th June
15th September
15th December
Rs 750/-
15th January
15th April
15th July
15th October
Rs 1500/-
15th February
15th May
15th August
15th November
Rs 7500/-
1st February
1st May
1st August
1st November
Rs 15000/-
1st January
1st April
1st July
1st October
Rs 25000/-
1st February
1st May
1st August
1st November
Rs 40000/-
1st March
1st June
1st September
1st December

Draw Dates of National Savings Prize Bonds May Change due to the reasons of Public Holidays, or may be for any other reasons, So for more accurate dates you can contact to the national Savings Center in order to confirms more about the Draw dates.

Recently National Savings Introduced Two New Prize Bonds, Which was denomination of Rs 100/- (One Hundered Rupress Prize Bond) and the denomination of Rs 25,000/- ( Twenty Five Thousand Rupress Prize Bond) both of these bonds are getting more and more popular day by day, Specially the Prize bond of Rs 100/- launched for specially Pakistani Student, we can say that their target market is Students of Pakistan, who can not afford high denomination bonds, and we can see in above table that the return in Rs 100/- (Student Bond) is very high as compare to the orginal amount or we can say the principal value of the bond, in more simple, Low investment but High Return Without any Risk.

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