Thursday 4 July 2013

How To Solve Energy Crisis In Pakistan

We all know very well that energy is our fundamental necessity. Energy or electricity give us all the comfortable we enjoy in our lives today like keeping us cool and fresh in the hot summer and give heat during cold night of winter.

Energy facilitate us in travelling like to go from one place to another as most of the modern and current modes of transportation really need a constant supply of energy(fuel) . Nature has providing us different source of energy but nothing remains constant so with time we are witnessing an sharp shortage of these sources. Who would understand this fact more than those of us who live in Karachi, we comfort daily power outage that stops our economics wheel and plunges our city in darkness. As our demand and need for energy mounts, we are left with no other choice but to hunt for alternate sources of energy. Today we Pakistani peoples typically rely on fossil fuel such as oil, natural gas (CNG), Coal for our energy needs, but they are not unlimited and limited in supply. And that kind of energy sources are commonly known as Non-Renewable Energy Sources.

 Not only we are just consuming energy but we also polluting our country as well, and this pollution will lead us to face the dangerous effects for example global warming. So we have to use all sources of energy in a both effective and efficient manner, but if we continue use these resources as we are using now in our country then we will not have any non renewable energy sources left to continue our life in a sustainable manner, So now we have to decide for our future, either to consumer all the non renewable energy sources now in ineffective manner or to use energy in effective manner now and make our future more sustainable and comfortable.

 Energy from natural resources like our sun, the wind and from water is renewable resources. Hydro electric power (energy from movement of water) is one renewable sources used widely at present compared to other potential sources that are produced at experimental level. Hydro electric power energy is very environmental friendly, and through this way we can replace method of producing electricity from non renewable  sources like oil and coal, not only we are just replacing the way of producing of electricity but we are also saving our country from pollution and from many other dangerous things.

 We have to demand for clean and green energy like the energy from renewable resources, and as we are in front of scarcity of fossil fuels, and not only we are facing scarcity of these fossil fuels but the price of oil and gas has become unreasonable, we Pakistani people have no other choice  but to shift towards renewable sources.

We are facing the challenge of resistance to change and no doubt the Big giant companies and strong lobbies who has interest production by means of fossil fuel are continuously discouraging we people to invest in renewable resources like in solar energy system, wind and water energy system, and shifting from non renewable resources to renewable resources, even though renewable resources is CLEAN, SECURE,SAFE, and SUSTAINABLE. We can each play our role by consuming lees energy over all, and pick up the load on our earth slowly, by means of demanding less stuff, so if we demand less stuff so in the result we need less energy or electricity to use or operate these stuff/things, and there will be the less pollution.

If we take these simple and smart steps we can make our country green and save from pollution and solve the crisis of energy in our beloved country pakistan.

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  1. stop power pilfering, and energy crisis will be solved