Wednesday 3 July 2013

Computer Programming Languages

The computer programming languages are divided into three groups:
1)  Low-Level Languages
2)  Middle-Level Languages
3)  High-Level Languages

1) Low-Level Languages
Low-Level computer programming languages are easy for computer to understand but difficult for humans to understand. In fact they are easier than binary language but are very closer to it so an ordinary user can’t access it very easily. Machine Language and Assembly Language lie in the category of low-level languages.

2) Middle-Level Languages
Middle-Level languages are more easier and understandable than the low-level languages. They you English like syntax. A Language, B Language, C Language and C++ lie in the category of middle-level languages.

3) High-Level Languages
High-Level Languages are the most easier computer programming languages. These are easier for humans but difficult for computer to understand. These languages also use English like syntax but in very clear and easier way. Languages like, GW BASIC, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, ALGOL etc lie in the category of high-level languages.

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