Thursday, 30 May 2013

How To Turn Off Camera Sound In Nokia E5

There is no any direct way or method to switch camera sound off in Nokia E5 because due to some legal requirements of different countries, but you can even switch Camera sound off in your Nokia E5, Yes it is true and working method through which you can switch off your camera sound.

To switch off the camera sound you need to install the application through which you can turn off the camera sound. now the main question is which application i have to install to solve my problem and i can capture images without any sound?, The answer is very much difficult because there are so many applications of Nokia E5 that offers you the facility of Turn Off Camera sound, but all these applications are not free, even some application does't works properly.

Nokia E5 users don't be sad, there is free application for your Nokia E5 through which you can Turn Off the camera sound of your mobile while capturing images. and the name of Application is (SCam Free Version 1.5.0 By Ton Nam Software, Ltd.), SCam is free application that gives you facility to not only Turn Off the Camera Sound by you can even customize all the function of camera, Like Flash ON/OFF Function,  ISO Rate, Contrast, White Balance, Sharpness, Brightness, Saturation and many more functions. SCam Free Version 1.5.0 By Ton Software, Ltd gives also the facility of Standby. SCam Free Version is Fast, Easy To Use, and User Friendly Application. So You can use it easily without any kind of problem and issue.

You can download this application on Nokia Store or Ovi Store by the name of this application (SCam Free Version) or you can Download this application from the website of this Application, SCam Free Version.


  1. There is no any direct way or method to switch camera sound off in Nokia E5 because due to some legal requirements of different countries. Digital Video Camera

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