Saturday 27 April 2013

Tarzan The Unmanned Vehicle

As technology progressing day by day, the concept of Robotic Car becoming huge as an artificial intelligence. From the knowledge of Computer, Electronic, and telecommunication engineering the concept of Robotic Car can be implemented, the main distinguish for this system which make it different from other is that it will control through a server system which provide traffic controls to Robotic cars through GSM technology and GPS system. Server can manage more than Two (2) Robotic Cars in different locations.
After implementation of this system the owner of the car can sleep in relief and reach to his destination more efficiently.

Components of Tarzan :
1. Vehicle controls
The break, speed and handle controls can be implemented using various sensors and the information will be sent through GSM system to server system which then process it.
2. GSM receiver and transmitter
This unit contains a mobile phone for vehicle and a GSM (global system for mobile communication) Modem for server.
The vehicle send information through cell phone and the server receives or send control signals.
3. GPS Unit
GPS (Geometric Positi0ning System) is use here for search location of the vehicle.
After that the server identify each vehicle by its cellphone SIM number and communicate simultaneously all the vehicles.

Server provide services:
1. Control vehicles
2. Identify locations
3. Send each vehicle to his destiny by GPS map.

Drafted By Nisar Ahmed Abbasi

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