Saturday 13 April 2013

How To Choose A Book To Read

This is a very critical question that how to choose a book to read, according to me we should try to be very careful while picking our reading materials. It is very good that if we have a reading habit because there are many advantages of reading, if we choose the book correctly reading then reading will gives us a great pleasure as well as knowledge.

Some books are meant for light, reading while others are for serious reading. However reading any kind of books basically gives the reader lots of pleasure as well as a big amount of knowledge and on the same time very much amusement. If we are tired of from our school works, then reading a good and interesting story book would be a good source of refreshment. So we can say that reading books is also a good source of refreshment and a way to relax our mind, and we can also say that reading is like a tonic of mind.

There are many kinds good books written by many famous writer/authors, and all these famous books are available in the libraries, all of these good books that are written by famous writer teach us morals, and that lessons of morals are help us to become a good citizens, A good book is a man’s very good friend, a friend who always helps you in any kind of situation, a friend who never leaves you alone. At the time of sorrow and despair a good book relieves man's sorrow and gives encouragement, this is the quality of a good book. In simple words we can say that reading goods makes us realize the virtues of mankind and a man who acquired the habit of reading good books is always happy. So always try to choose good and valuable book, because one good book is enough to change your life. And one bad book is enough to ruin life and you will suffer whole of your life.

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