Saturday 23 March 2013

We are demaging our future on the name of protest

Protest is an expression that show you are against something, now the main question is, why people do protest? According to me people do protest in order to get positive result, now we can take the example of  our country Pakistan, people of Pakistan shows their protest by means of closing shops, and closing city. now the main question is, is this a right way to protest? according to me this is not the right way to protest. the way we are protesting, is look-alike we are celebrating our holiday at our home, we can do protest by means of black bands, because if people will go to work with black bands so this will show the sign of protest, and this is very influensive and good  way to protest , because through closing shops we are actually damaging our own country, and ultimately through this way of protest we are destroying our future by our own hands.