Friday 8 March 2013

Types Of Teas And Their Health Benefits

Tea is a name given to lots of brews but only green tea, black tea, white tea ,oolong tea, pu-erh  are considered tea in real. They are all derived from camellia sinensis plant contain unique antioxidants and flavonoids( flavonoids is taken from the Latin word and the meaning of that Latin word is YELLOW because of their color). All these tea have caffeine and thiamine which affect brain and heighten mental alertness.

GREEN TEA: made with steamed leaves. Its antioxidants interfere in the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer, prevent clogging of arteries burn fat and improve cholesterol level.

BLACK TEA: made with fermented tea leaves it has highest caffeine content and used for flavored tea like chai .it may protect lung from damage cause by cigarette also reduce the risk of stroke

WHITE TEA: it has more anticancer properties as compare to other processed tea

OOLONG TEA: it has antioxidants; study shows, once given to animals result in low bad cholesterol

PU-ERH: made from fermented and aged leaves also considered a black tea.

HERBAL TEA: made from herbs, fruits, seeds or roots it has lower concentration of antioxidants as compare to other tea's these are some herbal teas.

1.Chamomile tea: it helps to prevent complication form diabetes and stunts and De-growth of cancer cells.

2.Echinacea tea: helps to fight against common cold

3.Hibiscus tea: helps in lowering B.P(Blood Pressure)

4.Rooibos or red tea: also has the cancer fighting quality

5.Instant tea: it may contain very little amount of actual tea and plenty of sugar and artificial sweeteners for health’s sake one must check out the label.

Among all black tea is very popular specially in our country, Pakistan importing huge amount of tea and she is also a third largest importer country of tea but unfortunately very small percentage i.e. 0.72 % are perfect users of the tea.
Everything we eat or drink has no doubt leave great impact on the over health in one or other way, same is in the case of tea no doubt it is very healthy beverage only if we use it in a proper way i.e
1. Less then 8 cups to prevents from adverse effect of caffeine
2. For recreation not for getting a kick i.e. people don’t depend psychology or physically on tea
3. Without milk or with soya milk so that medicinal power of tea not lost.

So it is concluded that proper usage of tea is very necessary to stay away from any harm and to extract maximal benefit of tea

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