Tuesday 12 March 2013

General Ayub Khan Era -East Pakistan Becomes Bangladesh-

General Ayub's era played a fundamental role in the unpleasant incident of separation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh). People of East Pakistan were not happy by the reforms of General Ayub Khan particularly the common people.

In East Pakistan as a result of those reforms only people of big cities got the advantage but the local people remained unhappy. One that time numerous Politicians of East Pakistan were also been not satisfied from the constitution of 1962 because it was not national and democratized.

All the Political activities and political groups were also been banned and the people of East Pakistan were all very much alert due to the current situation of that time. Throughout this period all the financial development was only done in West Pakistan and the East Pakistan remained unobserved, in simple language we can say they were ignored by West Pakistan.

General Ayub Khan was a big and powerful military man but he did many mistakes on this whole issue. During the battle (War) of 1965 East Pakistanis raised the voice that West Pakistan left them alone to kill from the cruel Indian army. This destroyed their confidence over our army and government. Then during that period (General Ayub Khan period) , Sheikh Mujeeb met numerous times with Indian high authority and Intelligence members of India in London (England) but in the result General Ayub Khan took no any action against him.

Agartala conspiracy was also a big part of it where Mujeeb met with army generals and Indira Gandhi and they formulated a strategy of revolution against General Ayub Khan which bothered and decreased the reputation and status of General Ayub Khan.

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