Thursday 14 February 2013

The Role of Management In Achieving Goals

As the controlling is a base of an organization’s management, to ensure the controlling, each organization has its own means and measures of the controlling. As the organization is based on its mission and on the bases of mission, organizations make their goals and to achieve those goals effectively and efficiently they develop some SMART goals and divided them into sub goals. To ensure achievement of these goals, top management, middle managers and operational managers do some regulating actions. Top management use strategic controlling which includes, value, policies, standards, and R&D,  middle managers controlling is known as tactic controlling including bureaucratic control, clan control, and market control, and operational managers controlling is known as operational controlling includes, inventory, delivery, reordering control etc. 

Top management control the organization by keeping eye on whole organization such as on finance department, marketing department, sales department etc. they use to control these departments by visiting daily or occasionally to ensure that work is going in a progressive manner, or they assign some audit managers to the department, audit managers do audit of routine work and every activity going on in the department, and he daily reports all the information to the top management by email or visiting their office or by sending fax document or by telephone.

Middle managers control the interdepartmental activities by establishing standards in the organization, that standards limit the employees from doing unethical activities like corruption. Now a day’s Middle managers are using technology such as cameras, matrix system, and MIS system to control the daily activities of management. Middle managers also use command and control technique to ensure the effective achievement and progress of the organizational goals. They also use feed forward control to ensure that the input resources are used in a very efficient manner, and predict input resources for future processing by controlling the transformation process.

Operational managers control activities such as delivery and reorder by specific software, such as reordering software, this software orders for raw material automatically when the raw material is less than required level, ensure control of time, and also have control on invoices and deliveries of the products.
Controlling differs in nature some managers do control on rules, policies, and structure of the company, in this type of controlling originations control the management accountability usually by individual manner. Other type of controlling can be regulating management in regard of the mission and core values or performance that either the goals are achieved or not or controlling on R&D so that company should be updated by new techniques and technologies. 

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  1. Yes, the role of management is most important role in achieving goals. It would be great if before deciding the goals higher management has the appropriate data about employees and their performances, it would be more easy to decide the goals.