Friday 15 February 2013


This is very hard to explain that whether the leaders are born or made? From years there are a lot of theories regarding this debate, and still today the debate is going on, as there is also another question having same nature “Whether chicken comes first or egg?”

First of all let us understand who is a leader? “A leader is the one who possesses variety of skills, and motivates his/her group members in order to achieve the targeted goals. And his/her traits and personality make others to follow his/her directions.”

Many theories told that leaders are born, not made. They suggest that people have in-born ability of an effective leaders because they told that people possess the same traits by birth that are found in the great leaders such as Personality traits, control over anxiety and aggression and so on.
But in my opinion leaders are made. Because leadership is an art and skill, and we know these skills can never be possessed by someone by birth but it can be learned only (if interested). These skills can be learned through the work experience, observations, education and trainings. There are a lot of great leaders throughout the world, who were made-leaders, not born.

Take an example of one of the greatest leaders “Mahatma Gandhi”, according to the theories which suggest that leaders have such and such traits of leadership by birth, but Mahatma Gandhi does not possess these traits. His personality doesn’t seem to be possessed by any leader or doesn’t match the personality of a leader, but he proved himself as an effective leader of the world. How Mahatma Gandhi would become an effective leader? It is all because of his work experience, his observations and also the skills that he learned from the environment. He always acted according to the situation and also has great skills of controlling and handling the situations.

In conclusion I would say that each and every person can become an effective leader, if he or she is interest and willing to become an effective leader.

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