Tuesday 15 January 2013

Why Modern Man Is More Dependent On Science And Technology

We are living in the era of technology, and Today people are more dependent on science and technology, and as we know that all the manual labour has been substituted by machines, Actually we are shifting toward industrialization.

Resources are scare and it's our responsibility to use it efficiently, and without technology we can't use our scare resources in efficient manner,So this is the big factor that make us more dependent on technology. Even we can take the example of our daily life, Like Internet Technology, We are now being addicted of the Internet because we are doing about 95% of work online and definitely it saves our lots of time and efforts.

Now a days we can see in our surrounding that all the methodology of work is being channged, like we are using less paper in our banks, and we know that paper is a big resource and now we are not more using it in excess, and we can say that we are technology dependent society. So in simple word we can say that technology is the only way to increase overall productivity of any nation.and increase in productivity will result increase in GDP. and increase in Domestion production will finally increase the welfare of nation.
So this is the overall procress that shows human dependence on technology.

No Doubt there is a big negative impact of technology in daily life, And there are soo many people who thinks that technology is not good for human, it makes us lazy, in other words we can say Dependent, upto some extent they are right that technology makes human lazy. but we can't survive without technology in this fast growing world, And also we can't ignore the importance of technology in our life, that how technology make our life Easier than ever before.

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