Thursday 31 January 2013

Violence in our Society

Violence In Our Society

In our society, violence has reached at an alarming stage. Either it is social, religious or political front of the country, the evil of violence has wracked havoc. It has deteriorated the law and order situation so much that no one anywhere is safe. Moreover, Violence has taken the lives of thousands of innocent people and engendered conflicts among various sects and religious communities. It has distorted the image of the religion. Violence has also painted the country’s picture with bleak colours at regional and international stage. Apart from this, frightening violence in our society has hampered economic development and weakened national integration. This essay will analyze roots of violence, its current scenario, discuss its causes and implications and put forward suggestive strategies to mitigate violence.

Roots of Violence in Our Society

Present Sceniaro of Violence in our Society
i) Brutal Attacks against Minority and Hazara Communities
ii) Misuse of Blasphemy Laws
iii) Bomb Blasting in Shrines and Mosques
iv) Growing Targeted Killings and Terrorist Attacks
v) Escalating Balochistan Insurgency
vi) Violent Protests and Demonstrations
vii) Gender Based Violence
viii) Inhuman Mob Justice

Factors of Violence in our Society 

I) Negative Role of the Clerics
II) Increase in Extremist Outfits
III) Lack of Will in Political Leadership
IV) Chronic Illiteracy, Poverty, and Unemployment
V) Weak Law Enforcement Agencies
VI) Absence of Deterrent Laws
VII) Pessimistic Mindsets and Frustration among the Masses

Repercussions of Violence in our Society

i) Curtailment of Social Progress
ii) Defaming Religious Image
iii) Halt in Economic Growth
iv) Malign of Pakistan’s Image at Regional and International Level
v) Weakening National Integration

Suggestive Strategies to Combat Violence in our Society 

I) Constructive Role of the Clerics and Madrassas
II) Check on Extremist Organizations
III) Strict Rule of Laws and their Rigid Implementation
IV) Showing Fearless Political Will to Combat Violence
V) Promotion of Liberal Education
VI) Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment
VII) Encouraging Mutual Harmony among all Sects and Religious Communities
VIII) Revitalizing Law Enforcement Agencies

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