Wednesday 23 January 2013

High Reward Does Not Always Lead To High Performance

There are many ways to motivate and encourage our subordinates so that they may be satisfied with their jobs and perform well and the reward is one of them, however this will work only if we go for such reward when employees have achieved something special. No doubt through reward one gets motivation and become committed to his /her goals and try to be consistent with that performance, if I take my example, I usually perform well in the class but when any teacher give me recognition on my work or he appreciate me or appraise my hard work, I feel good and become more committed to work hard in that particular subject even I have to sacrifice my performance in other subjects, and I always want to be consistent in my performance.

This is real fact that everyone wants to be appreciated, everyone want some intrinsic or extrinsic reward when anyone performs well. However this is not always the case, if you go for rewarding the employees on each and every task that employees accomplish it will not lead to motivation and satisfaction of that individual, because by doing this employees will feel degraded they will think that our boss has not trust on us or they will think that our boss do not consider us loyal with our job as well as with the organization. Employee will perceive that we don’t posses any value so that our boss does not expect anything from us without any reward, as the result it will harm their integrity.  Going back to my example, suppose  my teacher always go for reward on my every performance then I would be thinking that sir has doubt on my ability, and sir expects that I only perform when I will be awarded, finally this all will lead me towards discouragement and demotivation, consequently I will not be committed any more to perform well.

So, rewarding is good when employees need it, if you come to know that my employees want some reward, give them something that is valuable to them, by dong this they will be  more motivated and will be fully satisfied, and it will ensure the desired performance as well as the achievement of organizational goals.

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