Thursday 10 January 2013

Fashion and Veil

First of all the main question is, what is Fashion? According to dictionary Fashion is a trend specially a style of dresses at particular time, ornament or behavior.

If we move back there was a time when people used to cover their bodies with leaves and barks of trees
and on special occasions they improve their wearing by feather of birds or skin of animals and their
Primary motive was to cover their private parts and secondly motive to protect their body from cold and heat and to guard their skin from insect and dust but as time passes this object or motive is replaced
By exposing and bolder ideas.

Clothes now used more for attraction and appealing opposite sex rather than for their actual usefulness, Fashion has created a class of people – Fashion designers which are now Like an engineers and doctors. and they are now considered as a very important members of society, and these quickly changing fashion trends provides a great deal of employment and people earn huge amount of money through it.

Women have great weakness for fashion as compare to men, Girls follow new trends very oftenly, even sometimes they deny to wear the last month purchased outfit if some latest change occur in market.definitely
every women has right to look beautiful, to enhance this beauty they adopt new styles to groom their selves and our religion also give free hand to women to look beautiful every girl or women can adopt
good fashion but in veil or for her husband only if she adopt fashion without veil and go out so in result it will lead her to different problems like she has to suffer lustful staring.

Here one thing come to my mind as Islam is a deen-e-fitrat and it is also according to our fitrat or nature
that if girls or women go out fully groomed and captures attention of ones husband then that girl will not
feel good if she has little looks so one should adopt good fashion but in veil ..

Drafted By Azeen