Friday 4 January 2013

A Quack Is Danger To Life -Neem Hakim, Khatrai Jan-

A Quack is actually an unqualified doctor or we can say physician. He Play a very negative role in any society, Quack learns the tricks of the trade from books and from many other sources like elders.
There are many quacks or we can say in our national language "Neem Hakim" in Pakistan, and they are Really a "Khatrai Jan" for we innocent Pakistani peoples..

The main targets of these quacks are less educated peoples, because education create awareness, so if there will be no education there will be a more Quacks.

A Quack is an very expert in the art of talking/Communication, because they know very well the target point of their customers. Quacks(Neem Hakim's) makes very good business on the foot paths and many market places.

He Attract their customers by means of displaying the medicines,herbs and many ophaites on the foot path, The people with faulty living habits and chronic patients flock round the quacks.

When the crowd is gathered round him, he begins his dirty game with his lectures, and then he starts telling the benefits of their homemade medicines. Persons disappointed by the qualified doctors, easily believe in him and the benefits of his herbal/Homemade medicines.

Quack(Neem Hakim) First gives free samples to the people gathered round him, Then he asks the needy to pay 50-300 Rupees for his prescriptions, and those who do not pay are asked to return the  samples. So In this way we can say that he is a master in the art of deceiving and befooling others. If we conclude all the things we can say that A Quack can puts a boy's life in danger, That is why we say that "Neem Hakeem Khatra Jaan"

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