Friday 1 June 2012

Traffic Problems In Big Cities Of Pakistan

As the Population of our country Pakistan Increase the problem of traffic Will Also Be increased, and everybody knows that the problem of traffic in our country is very serious, and now also know that it is near to impossible to solve this problem, but we should have to think positive, Traffic is really a big problem for our peoples because as the traffic increase the ratio of road accidents is also being increasing with same rate.

No doubt, bad roads are the main cause of traffic accidents in our country Pakistan, almost all the big roads of our cities were built when the traffic was very low, but now we can see that after the creation of Pakistan the population of these cities increased at a great speed, and now we can also see that the roads are became narrow for this high traffic in our country, The miserable condition of roads is the main cause of traffic accidents.

If we want to solve traffic problem in our big cities , then we should see that our roads are widened and resurfaced as soon as possible, the other thing we can do is to introduce the one way roads, because in one way roads there will be the less chance of accidents, and we should have to introduce some campaign to create the awareness about road rules, all these things can be done only with the help of role of government, Because some people believe that at present the Punishment for road accidents is not so severe as it should be, therefore, they suggest that the laws regarding traffic offences should also be reviewed and amended, This steps would make the driver more careful. To Conclude all the things we can say that Traffic Accidents have became a Social Problem, and therefore, call for Proper Steps..

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