Saturday 2 June 2012

Population Problem In Pakistan

Growing Population is the most commonly talked about and debatable problem all over the world. The Third world Countries are faced with explosion of Population. the Problem of Population has now became threatening in Our Country Pakistan, The Present Population growth rate is about 1.5% and the Population is about 18 carores ,  If The Growth is not Checked, The Population Shall Double after twenty Years.

The Family Planning and other methods have not succeeded in checking the abnormal growth. Religious beliefs, lack of education and poverty have added to the problem. The Poor have charm of more children as family earners. All Planning is useless unless the growth of population is contained. Moreover, food production is to be increased through scientific methods, Government alone cannot control The population, Everybody should have to participate against the increasing rate of population, otherwise in future we will have to face many of problems like unemployment.


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