Sunday 27 May 2012

What are Articles? And Some General Rules Of Articles

‘A’, ‘an’ and ‘The’ are called Articles. Actually they are demonstrative adjectives, and Most of the Students feel a lot of trouble in their Correct use.

‘A’ and ‘An’ are Called indefinite articles, and ‘The’ is Definite Article.

Some General Rules

There are Three Fundamental rules for the use of articles:

1. No Articles is used before a noun when it is used in an abstract or general sense; as

  •          Honesty is the Best Policy
  •          Man  Is Mortal

2.  A definite Article is placed before a noun which is particular, alone of its kind, or, is separated by definition from other similar nouns; as,

  •         The Sun Has Risen
  •         The Boy I met in the street, is my brother

3.  An indefinite article is Placed before a noun that expresses something which is individual but not selected or distinguished; as

  •         A Boy Gave me This Book
  •         He has given me an Application

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