Tuesday 18 June 2013

Nestle Products In Pakistan

The Nestle business produces a broad variety of food products holding the taste of its customers in aim. The products in Pakistan are categorized following manner.

  • Ambient Dairy
  • Chilled Dairy
  • Beverages
  • Bottled Water
  • Culinary Food
  • Baby Food
  • Confectionery

Ambient Dairy:

1.Nestle Milkpak UHT Milk:

Milkpak is the trusted brand and most selling product of Nestle as it was launched in 1981. It was became quality milk product due to its logistic, aggressive marketing & distribution plan, very strong brand name, and highly consistent quality. Milkpak is very easily available in 1000ml, 500ml and 250ml. to complete your daily requirement one glass of Milkpak provides 41% Calcium, 20% Iron, 18% Vitamin A and 20% of Vitamin C.(Ref: Nutritional Reference Values, CODEX Alimentation)

2.Nestle Nesvita Calcium Plus:
To keep your body healthy & wealthy and strong, Nesvita provides you milk which contain Calci-Lock, a unique combination of calcium, vitamins & minerals.

Nestle is providing milk which is not substitute of Breast milk but will help in child’s growth. NIDO keeps your child well at all stages of growth & development, means NIDO simply helps your child to grow stronger. NIDO+1, NIDO+2, and NIDO Fortified are introduced according to age group. As we know that Pakistani child are facing iron & calcium deficiency and though Nestle produced NIDO Bunyad which will help to lessen the big problem of iron deficiency in country.

4.Nestle Everyday:
We Pakistani people love tea, and nestle everyday say we are made for each other and Nestle is providing milk powder specially made for the purpose of tea. You can enjoy the same delicious taste of tea with Everyday. So Nestle Everyday is again one of the good product of nestle for we tea lovers people.

5.Nestle Dessert Cream:
Pakistani Peoples Now you can also enjoy/Celebrate your special instants with Nestle Dessert Cream. Nestle Dessert Cream helps you to make in cake and fruit salads., double the party fun. It add some magic and made dessert worthy, lively, delicious and pleasant.

Chilled Dairy:

Nestle provides its customers extremely delicious taste of chilled products with huge bundle of nutrition. Products indulge with mouthwatering taste of yoghurt, raita, Riwayati Mazaa and actiplus, all of these chilled dairy products are extremely pleasant like we Pakistani people use Raita with biryani, So all of these chilled dairy products are very good and makes Food perfect.


As we already know that Health. Fitness and nutrition is the basic plan of Nestle. And Nestle Fruita Vitals fulfills the needs of its consumers with vitamin, calcium and minerals, all the necessary Vitamins. Calcium and minerals are filled in fruit juices. Nestle Fruita Vitals includes Apple Nector, Red Grapes, Pineapple Nector, Guave Nector, Orange Nector and Peach Nector.

2.Nestle Nescafe:
Nescafe is the instant coffee. It Keep you fresh, awake your soul and keep you active is the ultimate goal of Nescafe, what I think. Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Gold and Nescafe Cold Coffee are here to keep you fresh with its taste.

Nestle Bottle Water:

Due to its brand name Nestle Pure Life is the most favourite of Pakistani people. Every bottle of Nestle is very safe & secure to keep you healthy and the important thing is that Nestle Bottle Water is processed under safety Security System (SSS).


1.Nestle Cerelac and Maggi:
As we know From the initial stage of child its safe food is vital and from innate to 3 years old child Nestle is providing Cerelac for your baby, A perfect food for your baby. It is in different stages/levels. When baby grow then he/she can also enjoy different delicious products like Maggi. And as we know that Maggi is very popular in Pakistan and India, Child and under teenagers like Maggi Very much. Maggi is very good for health as well.

Nestle Confectionery:

Nestle also gives their customer’s sweet foods/product like POLO and KITKAT are here to fresh your mouth and keep your moments lively, through these sweet products you can enjoy your special moments of like whether you are in sport, or party, it is there to keep you and your child lively. Apart from all things Kitkat is favorite of all ages around the globe, especially in our country Pakistan.