Friday 7 June 2013

Summer Season

In this world man is never satisfied, we people always grumbling and crying. We feel very uneasy in both weathers hot and cold, like when the summer sets in, people welcome it, but after few months when the temperatures reach to 40 to 50 degree so we will become frustrated.

There are four seasons during the year, Hot  Summer, Spring, Autumn , and the cold season of winter, changes in seasons are actually caused due to the continues revolution of the earth round the sun. In our country Pakistan summers comes in the months of May, June, and July

Among the four seasons, summer, spring, autumn, and the winter, summer is the hottest season having long days and short night summer comes in between spring and autumn. Rich and wealthy people use air conditioners, in hot water people generally try to use cold drinks, they usually wear thin clothes.
Apart from all things, the ice vendors, soft drinks shops and Lassi shops made good business in summer.

How to eat in summer?

As we see days are becoming warmer and sun is sharper and this excessive heat drained out our energy from our bodies so here is the question how to maintain our body according to weather so answer is change your eating patterns and modify your dressing.

What to eat and what not to eat?

In such a hot weather try to eat food which is fresh seasonal easily available and nutritious In hot days of summer try to pick food which are cool so that they can make your body temperature down and keeps you cool and fresh.

Summer Fruits

Every season brings with it different seasonal fruits and vegetables same is in the case of summer, Summer fruits loaded with vitamins sweet and healthy, following fruits will keep you healthy all season long it includes berries, peaches, apricot, mangoes, melon, plums, lychee and figs.

Watermelon:  As it is clear from its name that it is watery fruit. in such a hot weather when people suffer from dehydration and other adverse effects of heat, watermelon keeps you chilled .along with keeping body hydrated it poses lycopene which is very good for skin.

Mango:  Mango is one of the summer gift and it is considered as king of the fruits, it is very nutritious and very tasty possessing vitamin A ,B,C and small amount of iron calcium and phosphorus and about 10 -20% sugar. When mango is young and unripe people used to use it in making pickles chattiness and when it grown up and ripe people used to eat fresh and making milk shakes also utilize in making jam squashes etc.. Mango has many varieties and they are classified according to their taste, colour, smell and nutritive values.

Apricot: Apricot contain Vitamin A, C, and E, potassium, iron, beta-carotene very nutritious very healthy good for eyesight heart and best for digestive system.

Peaches: Packed with different health promoting compounds vitamins and minerals, peaches are very good for digestive system.

Falsa/Grewia asiatica: Sweet sour and acidic fruit sold in market during the season of summer, it reduces thirst inflammation and burning sensation.

Jamun/Java Plum: Summer fruit having different shades of purple skin mostly dark purple and with pinkish greyish type pulp rich in vitamin A and C.

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