Sunday 10 March 2013

Role Of India In Separation Of East Pakistan

India played a capital role in fall of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) .Whole Indian army and Intelligence groups supported militant association Mukti Bahni by giving them accoutrements, arms and huge funds.

India in addition sent their soldiers and intelligence groups  in the form of Mukti Bahni(fought against the Pakistan Army) to kill Pakistani soldiers (West Pakistani Soldiers) .India aswell started the war of 1971 on both sides Eastern and Western fronts and they completely supported Bengalis and soother separatists elements.

Role of Indira Gandhi (19th Nov 1917 - 31 Oct1984) the former Prime Minister India was very much clear on that time. Actually she was a very sharp and intelligent lady and she is also a big anti Pakistan leader and on 16th December 1971 when Pakistan military surrendered and East Pakistan and West Pakistan broke up she gave one of a very famous statement of her life. She said “Today we have drowned Pakistan’s ideas in the Bay of Bengal." From this statement we can realize that how much she was anti Pakistan leader. And according to her statement it is very clear that there was a very significant role of India in the fall of East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

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