Friday 8 March 2013

Difference in Political Thinking Between East And West Pakistan

Citizens of East Pakistan were very much politically aware in simple we can say they were very good at politics. People of East Pakistan were mostly educated and middle class. Most of the political actions in British India specially  linked with the Muslims started from Bengal like we can take example of the formation of All India Muslim League (AIML) in 1906, then Mauling Afzal Has put onward Pakistan Resolution on 23rd March1940. He was also a big and one of the very famous leader of Bengal.

Politicians of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) were typically consisted of lawyers, professors and retired government servants and from others high class positions. On the other hand West Pakistan’s (Pakistan) politics was fully dominated by overlords.

Actually Political thinking of both sides East Pakistan and West Pakistan was pretty different from each others. On that time most of the politicians of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) were in favor of a Democratic Secular state. They all have compromised on that previous particular issue,but when first martial law came in 27th October 1958 under Muhammad Ayub Khan then all of their politicians had decided that now we cannot stay together with Pakistan and their claim was Democracy cannot be survive in a country like Pakistan where military institution is so much involved in politics of country.

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