Sunday 10 March 2013

Role of Militants and MuktiBahni In The Separation of East Pakistan

MuktiBahni was the big militant alliance of the militant Bengalis and the Indian army both of them were supported by Intelligence agency SASS. Those militants were responsible for all that disorder and riots in East Pakistan (Banglasdes) . Civil breaking the rules started from (7th Mar1971).

Militants of MuktiBahni killed numerous Non-Bengalis and raped their women. Brutality Bengalis (East Pakistanis) was at its highest point. They steal goods of Non-Bengalis and also scorched their houses.

According to Anthony Mascarenhas more than one lac Non-Bengalis were killed by militants. According Anthony Mascarenhas, In Military academy Chittagong Colonel Commandant of Pakistan army with his eight months pregnant wife both were very cruelly killed by Bengalis (East Pakistan) . It is also said that from numerous places nude dead bodies of Non-Bengali young boys and girls were found. Under such conditions Pakistani government had to begin military battle in opposition to all of these Bengali militants.

If we conclude all the things we can say that Militants and muktibani played a very big role in the partition of East and West Pakistan. And they were the only responsible of all conditions of that time.

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