Sunday 3 February 2013

System Software And Its Types

The system software is basically a soft ware that enables the application soft ware to interact with computer and helps the computer to manage its internal as well as external resources. System software is needed to run application software, however the reverse in not possible. There are three basic types of system software,

  1. Operating System
  2. Utility Programs
  3. Language Translator

Operating System:
This is the principal component of system soft ware in any computer system. It manages the basic operation of computer system. The Examples of OS are DOS, Windows, UNIX, LINUX etc. Operating system performs the following functions given below.

  • Booting
  • Managing storage media
  • Provide User Interface
  • Managing computer resources
  • Managing files
  • Managing tasks

The Operating system begins to operate as soon as you turn on or boot the computer. The term booting refers the process of loading an operating system into main memory from hard disk.
Managing storage media:
To manage the hard disk, floppy disk. For example to format disks.
User Interface:
User interface is basically user controllable part of the operating system that allows you to communicate or interact with it. There are four types of user interface, which are given below.

  • Command driven user interface (CUI) 
  • Menu driven user interface(MUI)
  • Graphical user interface(GUI)
  • Network user interface(NUI)
  • Command driven user interface(CUI):

Managing computer resources:
The operating system also manages the computer resources such as to manage main memory. It keeps track of location with in main memory where the programs and data are stored.
Managing files:
The files which are located on hard disk, the operating system allows you to find them. If you copy, rename, or delete the files the operating system manages such changes.
Managing tasks:
A computer is required to perform many different tasks at once. For Example in MS Word it accepts input data, stores the data on a hard disk and prints out a document.

Utility Programs:
Utility programs are special programs offered that either enhance existing functions or provides those services which are not provided by system soft ware. The principal services offered by utilities are following,

  • Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • File Defragmentation
  • Virus protection
  • Data Compression

Language Translator:
A language translator is a soft ware that translates a program written by a programmer in a language such as C, HTML into machine language (0, 1) which the computer understands. 
There are three types of language translators are there, which are given below.

  • Compiler
  • Interpreter
  • Assembler
This translates high level language program into machine language. This coverts whole program line by line but executes whole program at once. It is also called before compilation.
This translates high level language program into machine language. This converts and executes whole program line by line. It is also called immediately execution.
Assembler interprets assembly language program into machine language.


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