Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tangible Parts Of The Computer

Tangible Parts or we can say physical parts of a computer, By word physical we can get the idea, "Parts That we can touch". There are four type of computer hardware, which are given below;

  1.  Input devices
  2.  Output devices
  3.  Storage devices
  4.  Processing Devices

Input devices:
The input devices are those devices, through which we can enter data into the computer. For examples Keyboard, Mouse, Trackball, Joystick, Light pen, Touch sensitive screen, Scanner, OMR, OBR, OCR etc.

Output devices:
The input devices are those devices, through which we can see our required output.
There are two types of output devices,
  • Soft copy output devices whose output is intangible. Example: CRT Monitors, LCD Monitors, ETC.
  •  Hardcopy output devices whose output is tangible. Example: Printers and Plotters There also some audio output devices Example: Speakers.
Storage devices(Primary)

Processing Devices:
These devices convert the input into output. Processor is the processing device in the computer. It is the brain of the computer. Every CPU has the Four main units, which are 

  • CU (Control Unit)
  • MU (Memory Unit)
  • ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit)
  • FPU (Floating point unit)


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