Saturday, 2 February 2013

Classification of computer according to Size,Purpose and Function

According to size:
According to size, there are four types of computers,

Micro computers:
Size, speed and cost of the micro computers are lower than the mini, main frame and super computers.
Also called PC or Personal Computers, this computer is mostly used in homes and in many educational institutes etc.

Mini Computers:
Size, speed and cost of the micro computers are lower than the main frame and super computers but higher than the micro computers.Also called Macro computers, this is computer used in Financial institutes

Main Frame Computers:
Size, speed and cost of the micro computers are lower than the super computers and greater than the micro, mini and main frame computers.

Super Computers:
Size, speed and cost of the super computers are greater than the micro, mini and main frame computers.

According to purpose:
Two types, which are; General and Special purpose
General purpose: Which performs more than one different function and used generally.
Special purpose: Which, performs one special function like ATM machine

According to function:
Three types which are; analog, digital and hybrid
Analog computers: Which are continues in nature and they use the analog technique.
Digital computers: Discrete in nature, always gives the accurate value.
Hybrid: The combination of analog and digital computers.


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