Wednesday 12 August 2015

Vintage Home Décor Ideas

There are some styles which always seem to make a comeback in fashion and these apply to home décor ideas as well. You can call them vintage or antique but they always seem to give a “modern” sophisticated look and vibe to your house which is why we believe at least a certain element of these should definitely be used in your household., a real-estate online portal, which deals in the selling and renting of properties online gives some ideas about vintage home décor ideas which you could use in your home when wanting to give it a sophisticated and chic look.

1) Vintage Bath Tubs: In your bathroom you can install a vintage bath tub which could give a very chic look to your bathroom. These vintage bathtubs not only make your bathroom look good but also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a long bubble bath after a hard tiring day at work.

2) Antique Mirrors: Big antique mirrors can give a very bold look to your home if placed at the entrance, your drawing room or your room. Not only will such antique mirrors look good, but will also make a room look big if placed in it.

3) Chest of drawers: An old chest of drawers could give a very unique and antique look to your home with a mirror on top. These can stand out in your room instead of a simple and plain chest of drawers, thus giving not only a chic look to your room but being a good source of storage.

4) Throw over: A simple thing as a throw over can give an entirely new and vintage look to your room by throwing it over either your sofa or your bed. For these vintage throw overs one can simply use an old “dupatta” that was once worn by your mother at weddings and instead it can give a fancy and sophisticated look to your bed or sofa.

5) Cane Chairs: Cane chairs are one way of adding to your home décor that will never grow old. These can either be used in your garden, porch or inside in your lounge. Neither are they comfortable to sit in but simultaneously give an antique look to your home.

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